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@drewpasmith = Yes, I’m on Twitter!

Not having full connectivity on my pony somewhat limits my spontaneity with Twitter but I’m there for better.

Or is it for worse? Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Xing and LinkedIn combined makes me feel a little like a character in the cartoon below. “Just take ten deep breaths and relax, everybody’s doing it!”


[Abstruse Goose via PSFK]


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Photos with Character: CameraBag for the iPhone

With the death of Polaroid (or is it a resurection we’re about to see?) there’s been a hole in the market for cheap, evocative, instant image makers. Tomy’s Xiao is close but a price of $us370 and Japan-only availability ensures it gets no cigar.

SwissMiss, however, has alerted me to this new app for the iPhone that allows you to add that sometimes indefinable thing, character, to your happy snaps, something that used to have to be achieved with patience and Photoshop plug-ins. CameraBag is available now from the App Store.

swissmiss: CameraBag for the iPhone.

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The Problem with Our Relationships With/Through Social Media

The fact that we are almost constantly connected and streaming our consciousness through social apps, I think, has become so second nature that the ramifications escape us most of the time. You just had a great work out, had an awesome night out or fell in love with someone and you want to let the world know, and why not? More often than not, people don’t respond but you feel happy in the knowledge that your friends are sharing the great moments of your life as they happen.So what happens when you start sharing the not so great moments in your life? Read the rest of this entry »

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In my work as a design strategist I rely, as do many of you, on presentations to deliver our research findings. More often that not we (the company  work for) present using PowerPoint. Not good. From a design perspective it’s just so inaccurate and inflexible that I often find myself swearing in frustration trying to give the damn presentation some polish. Read the rest of this entry »

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