Musings of an Aussie design strategist gone North

2010 GMC Terrain


And you gave them HOW many of your taxpayer dollars!?

Get mad people. And then do something about it.


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  1. Ben says:

    I lol’d.

    Jalopnik said GM says that this thing gets 30mg. My eye it does.

    “But it’s what consumers want!”

    If I was shopping for a new car in Oz, right now to replace our 2002 Mazda Premacy (which I bought used about 15 months ago), there is really only one thing that fits the bill: A Renault Scenic. Most people, I would guess, who are in my situation, would not even be aware of the Scenic. Everyone else, Ford, Holden, Toyota, Mazda, etc, would put me into a small 4wd thing. Honda sell the Japanese style Odyssey here, but it’s on the order of $5-8k more than a CRV.

    Of course, in Oz we can say that the lower import tax on 4wds make that sort of pricing possible, and is a disincentive to, eg, Mazda to sell the Mazda5 here when they can make more per car on selling people the heavier, thirstier, less practical CX-7.

    What’s the rest of the world’s excuse?

  2. […] more than a cynical attempt to polish the turd that is their corporate image. Travesties like the Terrain only add insult to […]

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